FSU Academic Senate

A message from Academic Senate President Khagendra Thapa

The Academic Senate of Ferris State University was established in 1986. It represents the voice of the faculty, serving as legislative body for deliberating the academic issues that affect the quality and standard of education we provide to our students. Moreover, it is also the official representative of Ferris faculty to the President and the Board of Trustees on issues which are related to academic policies and programs. Members of the Senate are elected for a period of two years. Any tenured or tenure-track faculty member may run for the election to the senate. The election to the senate is held in the month of March of every year. Separate election is held for the representative from Non-tenure Track Instructional Faculty.

The Academic Senate creates university academic policy that applies to the university. The policy created by the Academic Senate is restricted to and must be congruent with - the policies of institutions of which the university is a member institution, any accreditation bodies, state laws and regulations, and federal laws and regulations.

The Academic Senate meets first Tuesday of every month from September to April with a published agenda. Any employee of Ferris State University may attend the Senate meetings. If you have any concerns or issues of academic nature, you may address it during the open forum which is scheduled both at the beginning and end of the meetings. There is a special meeting of the Senate in November to review the recommendations of the Academic Program Review Council. The Academic Senate has 16 different committees. The membership of these committees is filled with volunteer faculty members and varies in size from 6 to 12 members. When all committees have full membership, there will be 161 volunteer faculty serving in these committees.

Motions, recommendations, or actions that are generated by the Academic Senate through discussion and which are passed by the body are never final and are referred to the President of the University for Final Approval.

The executive committee members who are elected annually are

Prof. Khagendra Thapa, President, College of Engineering Technology

Prof. Charles Bacon, Vice President, College of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Melinda Isler, Secretary, University Archivist, Special Collections Librarian

At-Large members are

Professor Sandy Alspach, College of Arts and Sciences

Asst. Professor Rose Baran, College of Pharmacy

Assoc. Professor Dan Cronk, College of Business